Start using Snapchat

What is Snapchat

snapchatSend private messages and limited duration
Snapchat application is an instant messaging program that lets you send text, videos and photos to one or more friends. The difference with other ┬átext messaging application or WhatsApp is that Snapchat messages have a defined duration. When you send photos or videos can put a time duration of 1 to 10 seconds, when your friend receives the contact, just the time limit, then those images will be deleted from the mobile phone of the person who received them automatically. Messages can also be up to 24 hours if you send in “chat”

How to download Snapchat

Snapchat is a free application. Currently available for Android and IOS systems. To download simply should enter Google Play or App Store and install it. After you register a new user, creating a username and password.

Using Snapchat

After download and create an account “Snapchat” we can begin to use the application. The first step is to search for contacts. We can search for contacts using the search engine located on the Magnifying Glass, or we can check our phone number and search through the phonebook contacts from your mobile phone.
Then we started sending messages. We can send images from Snapchat taking a photo or adding a photo we have on our smartphone. Then we can write a text and choose how long you want to delete the message.
We can also send videos up to 10 seconds if you hold down the button to take pictures.
To view the messages that we send our friends, we must hold down the button; then the allowed time the message will self-destruct. Snapchat send us 4 tests to learn to send and receive messages.
This is a fun app that is starting to be used worldwide. Although it looks like a safe idea, we recommend taking precautions. Enjoy it !!

Start using Line

What the Line?

Line appLine is an instant messaging application for Smartphones and PC of Japanese origin that is widely used in the world. It is the second most instant messaging application used in the world , under Whatsapp which ranks first .

Line is a much more complete program that allows Whatsapp and sending instant messaging , images , audios , videos and voip calls . It has a wide range of emoticons , Stickers, and Emoji , free and paid . In addition , Line works for all Android, iPhone , Windows Phone , Blackberry , Nokia Asha Phones and iOs Firefox , and also , unlike Whatsapp , can be used from Windows PC , Windows 8 and Mac OS .

All these features make Line one of the most comprehensive and widely used in the world, projected to be the number one applications.

Download Line

You can download the application for free passes your Smartphone or PC by accessing the official website of Line

You can also download the application to your smartphone using the application market using its mobile operating system.

Start using Line

After downloading the application on your Smartphone or PC, you must log on Line.

If you access from your Smartphone will ask you to put your phone number to activate automatically . It should also put our email and create a password to access the application from our PC and not lose the history of our conversations. You can use emoticons , Stickers and Emoji for free , you can also acquire new inviting friends, or using your credit card .

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Start Usign Tinder

What is Tinder ?


tinderTinder is a new application for mobile phones that allows you to meet people and dating.

The Tinder application works using your Facebook account , but have no fear! nothing happens in Tinder will be published on your wall. Simply login to your Facebook account and take 5 random profile pictures . You also have access to your friends and your “likes ” on Facebook , to know that they have things in common with others . Thus, Tinder pager according to the geographic location where you are at that time, shows you your photos and your interests, and then you qualify Positive or Negative. If both people agree there is ” Match” and Tinder lets you chat and meet this person and make an appointment. It is available for smartphones with Android and iOs system.

Download Tinder

The Tinder application is currently available for Android and iOs devices, and will soon also be available for Windows Phone.

To download Tinder you can enter the official website or from the market application on your mobile device . If you use Android, you must enter Google Play . If you’re using iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch devices can download the application from App Store.

The application is free for all devices .

Start using Tinder

Once downloaded the Tinder application on our device we enter our data for Facebook to login. We recommend before you start qualifying people edit our profile on Tinder so photos we display attract the right people. It is important to the function of location enabled on your mobile device for the application to work correctly.

After you do these things , and are in a position to see the profiles of people who are close to where you are , and positive or negative rating to start chatting with them .

Best of luck !